Vicon Motus 10

Vicon Motus 10 (formerly known as Peak Motus, see History of Motus) offers processing of kinematic data for a wide variety of applications. It is easy enough to use in basic teaching applications, yet accurate and powerful enough for complex research.

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After importing videos and analog data from TEMPLO, Motus 10 offers you multiple options for digitizing kinematic data:

  • Manual: If you are unable to use reflective or black markers or have less than optimal lighting conditions, you can still obtain accurate data by manually digitizing - simply click on the points one at a time throughout the video sequence. Zoom windows, predictive location algorithms and segment length options assist you.
  • Automatic Tracking: Using reflective or black markers that contrast with the background speeds up the point identification process by allowing the software to track markers with little or no user intervention. Software adjustments can be made to enhance the image quality and contrast to help marker tracking in a variety of lighting conditions.
  • Pattern Tracking: No markers. No manual digitizing. If you can choose a distinguishable pattern that is visible across several frames, the software can recognize a point within the pattern and track it throughout the video sequence. This is especially helpful in situations where solid, contrasting markers cannot be used.


Once the coordinate data are captured they are ready for post-processing.

  • Generate 2D and 3D scaled coordinates
  • filter kinematic parameters
  • calculate linear and angular displacements, velocities, and accelerations
  • write your own advanced calculations using the powerful KineCalc module

motus post processing
Motus Motion analysis 2D Motus Motion Analysis 3D Motus Motion Analysis Kinecalc

If your research involves gait analysis, a standard template can generate not only gait kinematics, but also lower extremity joint kinetics (forces, moments, and powers). All of these data can then be easily displayed in animated reports that include synchronized video clips, line graphs, bar graphs, and text.


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