08/Oct/2012: Announcement by Vicon


Vicon is pleased to announce it has signed a license agreement with CONTEMPLAS, the leading developer of video analysis software, to take on all future sales and support of the Vicon Motus software product.

Starting today, CONTEMPLAS is providing existing Motus customers the ability to upgrade to a new combined CONTEMPLAS and Motus solution.

The new solution features Windows 7 compatible Motus 10 and the data capture software from CONTEMPLAS called TEMPLO.

The TEMPLO+Motus 10 solution allows you to set-up and control your cameras with TEMPLO, capture your data, then with one click all your video files will open in Motus 10, ready for analysis and reporting.

The benefits of this solution include:
TEMPLO video capture Motus motion analysis
  • Work with the latest hardware
    TEMPLO connects the latest HD and high speed cameras, as well as force plates and EMG
  • Support for GigE, HDMI, Firewire USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection
  • Record up to 12 cameras on one PC
  • Full Windows 7 compatibility
  • Powerful analysis and reporting functionality of Motus

TEMPLO+Motus 10 is exclusively available through CONTEMPLAS. Motus 10 is not available as a single piece of software and has to be purchased with TEMPLO directly from CONTEMPLAS. All sales and support queries should be directed to CONTEMPLAS.

If you are interested in the TEMPLO+Motus 10 solution or would like further information contact CONTEMPLAS sales.


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